Blackburn Energy Nominated for SBANE Excellence Award

Andrew Amigo Company Updates

We are proud to be nominated for an Excellence Award by the Smaller Business Association of New England.

SBANE applauds small businesses that have cutting-edge and creative sbane-logo-m01645643ideas and recognizes them at the The New England Innovation Awards. This program began in the mid-eighties, and has recognized over 200 companies from a large variety of industries. We have been nominated for 2016 because our company represents the objective of the award, with our innovative technology for transportation.

The award process begins with a reception for all nominees who present to a small group of judges. The Blackburn Energy team gave a 15-minute presentation to the panel at this reception to showcase our ideas and solutions. We are hopeful to become a finalist and move onto the next stage of presentations scheduled for April 7th, to spread the word about our RelGen product.

driveshaft-816x320-300x118Our RelGen product takes the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle and converts it into usable energy. RelGen produces renewable electricity from a truck’s driveline which we use to power battery based electric heat/AC for sleeper cabs.  We create a 4x increase in energy over current systems which makes eliminating overnight engine idle viable. A Blackburn powered solution can save $6,000 in fuel & 21 tons of CO2 annually, per truck.

Please wish us luck in our endeavor to become the 2016 winner of the Excellence Award!