No Idle? No Problem.

A renewable electric generation system for large trucks has been created by Blackburn Energy: RelGen technology converts the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle into electricity. This electricity is then stored in a battery array which powers any electric system, from HVAC to accessory systems, in the sleeper cabs of long haul trucks. RelGen increases the fuel effectiveness of trucks by replacing the drain of belt driven components and the need to run diesel APU’s.

Renewable Electricity with No Idling!

  • Simple Install
  • Quick Payback
  • Early Adoption Incentives

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Product Launch – 2018

New technology has just hit the highway!  Blackburn Energy wants to make life on the road much more comfortable.  Be one of the first to increase your quality of living.  Long-haul drivers can eliminate over night engine idling. Power your electronics with no diesel burned, no idle laws broken, and no harm to your DPF.

No Idle? No Problem! Don’t run your engine to power these accessories:

  • Game consoles
  • Air-conditioning
  • Heat
  • Microwave
  • Any electric powered creature comfort

Whether you are an Owner/Operator or looking to upgrade your entire fleet, complete our form to learn more.

realgen hotspots on a semi

Did You Know?

RelGen captures the kinetic energy of the vehicle, requires no changes to powertrain geometry, and is universal to all long haul tractor-trailer trucks.

Idling is one of the quickest ways to plug a DPF and a dirty DPF can cause back pressure,  making your turbo and after treatment systems work harder and run hotter, robbing your reliability and fuel economy.  Not to mention causing a premature DPF failure costing $6,000 or more.  You can eliminate overnight engine idling with Blackburn’s RelGen renewable electric generation system.  Sign up for more info on the 2016 Road Trials.

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