Blackburn Energy is Powering the Future of Trucking

Andrew Amigo Company Updates, New Technology

Blackburn Energy found a pain point in the transportation industry – specifically for long haul truck drivers.  In the United States 650,000 long haul trucks run their engines at night to power their living essentials; as their trucks are also their homes when on the road. These necessities include heat, air conditioning, television, microwaves – any creature comfort the operator may need. Running the engine in idle results in an annual burn of:

  • 1.2 billion gallons of diesel fuel
  • 11 million tons of CO2
  • 55.000 tons of Nitrogen oxides
  • 400 tons of particulate matter

Regulators have responded by passing laws making it illegal for drivers to run their engines in idle. Our solution is a zero-emissions, renewable electric generation system that takes kinetic energy and stores it for future use by the driver. Learn more about our RelGen technology by watching our video to explain what happens when the driver’s foot comes off the accelerator.